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Level 1 Level 2
Flat Polish Bevel Demi Bullnose Full Bullnose
  Bevel Inverted Demi Bullnose Inverted Half Bullnose

Level 3

Ogee Flat Ogee Flat Inverted Ogee Round Ogee Round Inverted

Level 4

Ogee over Bullnose Ogee over Bullnose Inverted Waterfall Waterfall Inverted
Knife Knife Inverted Dupont Dupont Inverted

EXPO Marble and Granite has mastered the fabrication process to great effectiveness, allowing the most beautiful range of edges and designs. These are some of our most popular edge details, but please contact us to accommodate to your requirements.

Most edge details can be obtained in various thicknesses, and some materials are more adequate for the edge of your choice. Contact us if you have any question or would like advice.

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